Vineyard for sale in penticton, bc canada
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Exceptional opportunity

Vineyard for Sale in Penticton,
British Columbia, Canada

You can purchase this breathtaking 12-acre property only in conjunction with the Penticton winery, as it cannot be sold separately. The property is located within the city limits of Penticton, British Columbia and boasts 8 acres of lush vineyards. 

The Property

Located in Penticton, BC this spectacular 12 acres property is truly breathtaking overlooking Skaha Lake.

The Location

Penticton, BC – Okanagan Valley.  Minutes to downtown and airport.

The Vineyard

The 8 acre vineyard was planted in 2007 with thirteen different and  unique  varietals in the Okanagan.


The Opportunity

This stunning 12-acre property with 8 acres of vineyard is being offered for sale in conjunction with the Penticton winery. The property is conveniently located in the city limits of Penticton, British Columbia, and is situated in very close proximity to the winery.

An impressive piece of real estate with breathtaking views of Skaha Lake offering exceptional natural beauty, ample space, and endless potential.

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The Property

This stunning 12 acres is nestled above Skaha Lake in Penticton, BC.  Located in the Okanagan Valley region – a world renouned wine region.  There are 8acres of vines which were planted on this property in 2007.

  • 11 acres of the property is in the ALC, the balance of the property is not in the the ALC.
  • The property is fully serviced with municipal sewer, water, irrigation water, NG, Coax/Tel, 6 (200 amp) electrical services and garbage service.
  • All electrical services have been placed below ground.
  • The city sewer reaches all the built areas on the property.

  • In total there are 6 x 200 Amp services.

  • Natural gas reaches all currently constructed buildings.

  • The vineyard is fully fenced.

House:  There is a single-family, 2 story home constructed in the mid 60’s.  The upper story (3 bedrooms) is rented to an employee and the lower story with duplicate kitchen is primarily used for foreign workers during the growing season and winery labor during harvest.

Garage:  2.5 car garage, wood frame new steel roof 2008


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The Vineyard

Majority of this vineyard was planted in 2007 and 2008.  The vineyard spans 8 acres and is mostly planted with the Geneva Double Curtain trellis system.  The vineyard rows were planted north-south orientation – north-south orientation allows for optimal sun exposure throughout the day. This orientation allows the vines to receive sunlight on both sides, which promotes even ripening of the grapes and helps to prevent sunburn or damage to the fruit.

The west part of this property (approximately 1 acre) is not in the ALC and potentially may be approved as a subdivision.


Irrigation shed: Concrete 20’6” x 14’ underground cistern approx. capacity 56,000 liters, with 4-foot concrete perimeter with 4’ wood framed walls and roof. The cistern is no longer used due to city irrigation being available and currently acts as a reservoir for the irrigation filter backwash. There is a 100 Amp service to this building along with city water and a 4” sewer to the house septic system.

White Varietals





Red Varietals

Petite Shiraz
Cabernet Franc
Petit Verdot


12 acres, 8 planted in vines.

1 Acre

Not in the ALR

House & Garage

Modest home with 2 car garage

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